Global Shield Coating Technology

A Dramatically Different Approach to Corrosion Resistance

Parker’s Global Shield coating is a highly
engineered, proprietary technology that
dramatically extends the life of critical
components by providing exceptional
corrosion resistance in the most
challenging environments.

Military Detail 32502 Compliant

Parker Hannifin’s Global Shield coating meets all the performance requirements outlined in Military Detail 32502. Laboratory results show that Global Shield performed similarly to hard chrome in adhesion testing and offered superior corrosion and wear protection when compared to hard chrome. Global Shield showed little evidence of corrosion, while the hard chrome experienced rusting on over 50% of the surface area. Global Shield cylinders lasted over three times as long as hard chrome in cyclic exposure testing.

Military Detail 32502 Compliant

Global Shield
The Leader In Corrosion Resistance Performance

Industrial Markets

Decreased downtime | Environmentally safer | Ease of repair